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TABALWOR stands for the betterment of mankind through innovation and evolution based on research, interdisciplinary culmination of knowledge and skill sets fuelling growth and development of individuals, companies, organizations and governments!

Product Innovation

Have an idea that requires a scientific research and you want to see it alive? or an existing product that you would like to improve? we're here to help !

Production and Operations Management

Maintaining daily operations, but also driving strategic change and development efforts.

Business Intelligence

Are you facing a data-related challenge or having an ambitious BI project in mind? We can tackle this task.

Embedded Systems Development

With our diverse team we are able to tackle many obstacles and implement your ideas.

7 years of experience helping people grow


We help you to Grow


Through our Training Programs, we are here to share our experience and knowledge in such topics as Industrial Design, Technology & Innovation and Leadership & Management.

At Tabalwor we do Mentoring and Consulting services for Social and Technological Entrepreneurs to thrive in their life mission.

Tabalwor sponsors training camps for talented and gifted people.


Be Smart, Think Wise


We don’t like to gamble, we continuously like to assist our financial position and that’s how we assist our clients.

You can ask for our Financial Advice before investing into a New Product or Innovative Technology.

Once you are ready we are glad to put together Business Strategies and Best Practices in Business Management for your Startup.

We provide startup fundraising services on a transparent basis with simple terms. As part of our startup fundraising campaigns, we source, evaluate, profile and approach investors on behalf of our clients. We also assist in deal negotiations and consult on term sheets and equity structuring.

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Through our journey we met  amazing people and helped create new ideas in this world, Tabalwor will continue to thrive and innovate new products!

7 years of experience helping people for best solutions



As an early stage startup, you’d like to further develop a product while reducing costs. A leasing agreement will allow you to pay just a fraction of your project’s expenses during its development. The rest is due only when you start making money!


Completion in 2 Months
  • Breadboard Prototype
  • $1,600 upfront
  • Up to $450 Materials covered
  • Dev Kits Assembly
  • Test Firmware
  • Supportive Housing


Completion in 3 Months
  • Functional Prototype
  • $2,100 upfront
  • Residual Cost: $11,000*
  • Up to $900 Materials covered
  • Custom Form-factor PCBA
  • Test Firmware
  • 3D Printed Enclosure


Completion in 9 Months
  • Preproduction Prototype
  • $4,400 upfront
  • Residual Cost: $55,000* or Equity**
  • Up to $1800 Materials covered
  • Custom Form-factor PCBA
  • Full Features + Integration Tests
  • Aesthetic & Housing Design
  • 3D Printed Enclosure + Finish &Paint

The purchase amount of plan covers only the base cost for the team during the project development. You receive exclusive rights to produce your product, while we retain the IP until the license is fully paid.

The license cost depends on the selected plan and is paid as percentage of the revenue you generate once you start generating it. However, there should be a minimum of $2,000 paid each 6 months after project start as a license retainer.

You can cancel the license retainer at any time without any additional fees. In this case you lose your rights to the IP, which will then remain Tabalwor’s property.

Leasing is covered by a certain percentage of your company. This is a limited option and Tabalwor’s team decides whether to invest.


Tabalwor serves as an Operational Investor and is invested in the success of your startup. We will provide ongoing technical support and consultation and also ensure smooth transition to internal team, giving you the option to transfer the project developers to your payroll or include them as co-founders if they also express this interest.

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